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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact customer service. We're always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Do I need any special equipment or software?

All you need to interact with the girls of RealGirlsOnCam is common, popular video chat software. There are several options like Skype, MSN, Yahoo and more. This page has more information and links to where you can download software if you need it. Most video chat software works on several devices like, desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, so you can enjoy one on one time with your favorite camgirl anytime, anywhere!


What happens in a live cam show?

Well darlin... that's very much up to you! Everyone has different tastes and the girls of RealGirlsOnCam try their best to make each show special and to cater to your individual interests, desires & fantasies. You'll learn more about the individual girls by browsing their web sites and chatting with them. For example, if you're an old school tits & ass guy who likes to be teased.... your show might go something like this:
skype camshows tablet

After chatting with Candy and discussing what you like, you've just purchased a 10 minute show with her. She sends you an invitation to view her webcam, & you accept... there she is! Wearing that skimpy little black dress you asked for, and the stockings and heels you forgot to ask for but she knew you'd like ;)

You hear soft music playing the background as you chat for a minute. Soon she slowly starts to sway in time with the music and you kick back and relax as you watch her teasing you with a slow & seductive strip tease. She asks you how you like her big full tits and you tell her how hard she's making you. Your heart is pounding as she lets that little dress fall to the floor revealing a matching lace bra & panty set.

Candy moves closer to her cam now as she drops her brastraps, and presses her impressive cleavage up close to the camera. Then, turning her back to you, she unclasps her bra and you watch it tumble to the ground. She shyly covers her nipples with her hands and teases you for a few moments before revealing her full breasts and perky pink nipples in all their glory.

Still moving with the music, she lays back on the bed and slips her hand into her panties. You can almost taste her as you watch her playing with herself... head thrown back... obviously enjoying herself! Then she kneels on the bed with that perfect ass to the camera and starts to work those pretty panties down, revealing an even prettier pink pussy.

She then reaches for that amazing dildo she told you about and slides it inside her. You can see how wet she is by the glistening pussy juices on her toy. Faster and faster she goes and just when you feel your own orgasm about to explode, she collapses back on to the bed as she cums hard, shooting the dildoclear across the room. She rolls over as you start to cum and looks you right in the eye as she licks her pouty lips and winks at you.

I have a web cam too, will the girls watch my cam?
Absolutely! Most girls actually prefer to watch! Us exhibitionsists have to stick together right? We like to see how hard we can make you and to watch you stroking & having as much fun as we have.

Do I need to join a web site or sign up for anything in order to buy a show?
No. It couldn't be easier to purchase a cam show through the RealGirlsOnCam network. Simply click 'Instant Credit Card Access' on any girl's page, fill in your info, and you're ready to play! You pay no additional fees, there are no recurring charges, nothing to cancel.

Is it safe to use my credit card?
We take the security of your credit card information VERY seriously so we choose CCBill to process all our transactions. They've been in business since 1997 and are hands down the leader in adult processing on the net. If you've ever purchased a membership to an adult web site, chances are very good you have already used CCBill.

How will it show up on my credit card statement?
CCBill - Proxima Ltd. Simple and discreet as that :)

Can I use Paypal?
Absolutely NOT! Paypal does not accept adult transactions and are imposing $500-2500 fines for people who violate their policies. For more information, please read this.

Can I get a free preview?
The girls of RealGirlsOnCam all have personal webpages where you can see photos of them. You can chat with them live before you purchase your show, but we do not do free previews. Every girl on this site has undergone an extensive verification process and is who she says she is, does what she says she does, and uses the equipment & connection she says she has. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad guys out there with bad intentions so it's a security risk for us to be opening our cams up to everyone who asks.

If I purchase a show now, when will it start?
You must contact the girls BEFORE you purchase your show to make sure she is available. If she is, your show will start as soon as your order is processed, usually within a few minutes depending on how much preparation is required for the show you have requested.

Will I be billed for anything else after I buy a show?
Are there any recurring charges?

No. Your show purchase is a one time charge and you will never be billed again until you buy another show.

Have any more questions? Just ask!

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